The Football V Homophobia Youth Panel are recruiting!

The Youth Panel has been established for two years now and has been working to tackle homophobia in football from a youth perspective. The past two years have been an exciting journey for us and we have learned a lot. This learning has helped us to create a new approach for the Youth Panel. 

Instead of recruiting twelve young people to join the panel and work across all the different strands of our strategy, we will be recruiting young people into  specific roles. Each young person will sit on the panel for one year but will have the chance to reapply for the Youth Panel each year, for up to three years. Below is a list of the job descriptions you can apply for. Applicants must be aged between 16-25.

All Youth Panel members are expected to volunteer at least 4 hours each month.

Chairperson: 1 Role

The Chairperson will support the coordinator to plan and deliver Youth Panel meetings, host monthly skype calls with the rest of the team and work to ensure that the youth panel achieves the strategic objectives. The Chairperson will behave as an ambassador for Football v Homophobia and ensure the smooth running of the Youth Panel campaign 

Social Media/Communications Officer: 2 Roles

The two Social Media Officers will have the responsibility of managing content published across social media platforms, ensuring that regular and appropriate content is produced. They will encourage other Youth Panel members to create content or write blog pieces, as well as source blog posts from relevant people outside the campaign.  The Social Media Officers will ensure that the diversity and intersectionality of our campaign is reflected on our channels. 

Education Officer: 2 Roles

The Education Officers will be confident individuals who have skills in public speaking or want to develop it further. They will liaise with youth groups and youth football groups to arrange 101 LGBTIQ+ training with them, the Education Officers will then deliver the 101 training. The Education Officers will design new and innovative training options for young people

Events Officer: 2 Roles

The Events Officers will ensure there is a Youth Panel presence at a wide range of sporting and non-sporting events, to promote the Youth Panel and Football v Homophobia campaign. They will source and reach out to organisations to attend events, coordinate members to attend local events and ensure members have required resources for events.

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