The Football v Transphobia week of action takes place 24 – 31st March 2020, ending on Transgender Day of Visibility

This is the second season we will be taking specific action on transphobia in the game. We will be active across social media, using our presence to amplify the voices of trans people in all aspects of football.

We are encouraging clubs, fans and other football stakeholders to get involved. Here’s what is coming up in 2020 and how you can get involved:

“Something that made me feel welcome in football is...”

We want to use the Week of Action to share positive experiences in sport. Trans people involved in football in any way, can record a phone video of themselves saying what they have experienced that has made them feel welcome when accessing the sport- watching, playing, administrating, officiating.

If you would like to record a video, please send it to

We will be releasing these videos throughout the week via our social media channels.


We’re encouraging everyone involved in football to grab a football and a bin, and record themselves kicking the ball in the bin. Extra points for any tricks you can do! Wear a Football v Transphobia shirt or have a trans flag in the background.

Share your video with us online and remember to use the hashtags #BinTransphobia and #FvT2020 You can start posting your videos during the Week of Action.

Here is a guide to get started with your video:

Social media support

If your football skills aren't up to the #bintransphobia challenge,  you can share a simple message of support for the campaign across your social media channels.

Download a copy of our logo, print out a trans flag (if you don't have one) and show your solidarity for trans people in the game.

Don't forget the use the hashtag #FvT2020

Football v Transphobia T-shirts

Limited edition

To support your activity, we have two Football v Transphobia t-shirt designs for you to purchase prior to or during the Week of Action.

Limited edition FvT 2020 shirt, created in partnership with SK Kits!

New design

We’ve also got an updated Football v Transphobia design.

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