The Football v Transphobia week of action takes place 24 – 31 March 2020, ending on Transgender Day of Visibility

This is the second season we will be taking specific action on transphobia in the game. We will be active across social media, using our presence to amplify the voices of trans people in all aspects of the game.

We are encouraging clubs, fans and other football stakeholders to get involved.

FvT Resources

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If you are interested in getting involved and would like to share your actions with us in advance, please email and we will make sure we share any support/content across social media throughout the week

More Information
Check out the FA’s transgender policy here:

If you would like to support the Football v Transphobia week of action, there are a range of actions you could take. For example:

  • Tweet

    Tweet support throughout the week using #FvT2020

  • Flag

    Take a picture of your team/fan group/friends with the Transgender Pride flag (these can be purchased for about £5 from a range of online retailers) or with our Football v Transphobia logo which can be downloaded here Download logo

  • Share

    If you have trans members of your football club or fan group, ask them if they would be happy to share their experiences (both positive and negative) of football through your online platforms (this could involve blog posts, vlogs, social media posts)

  • Social

    RT, share and like our #FvT content