The Football v Transphobia week of action takes place 24 – 31st March 2021, ending on Transgender Day of Visibility

This is the third season we will be taking specific action on trans inclusion and transphobia in the game. We will be active across social media, using our presence to amplify the voices of trans people and allies in all aspects of football.

We are encouraging clubs, fans and other football stakeholders to get involved. Here’s what is coming up in 2021 and how you can take part:


All across the week of action, we are encouraging people to really show us the value of allyship in the game. For trans and non-binary people, what has someone done to make you feel safe & included? What more could people do to improve your football experience? For cisgender allies; how does the presence of trans and non-binary people in the game enrich your footballing life? What are you doing to make your club a more inclusive place for trans and non-binary people?

All you have to do is take a short video of yourself as follows:

Introduce yourself

< pause >

Tell us what being a #transfootyally means to you

Check out the example below from our Campaign Director, Lou

We want to flood social media with content of cisgender football folk sharing their allyship with trans football folk. We'd also like trans and non-binary people to use the hashtag to talk about the importance of allies, how allies have helped them or any ideas about how allies can support trans people in the game.

There are other ways for trans and non-binary people to get involved in the Week of Action and our Football v Transphobia Campaign Lead, Natalie, would love to hear from you.

Send an email to info@pridesports.org.uk and we’ll make sure your correspondence gets straight through

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To support your activity, we have a Football v Transphobia t-shirt for you to purchase prior to or during the Week of Action.

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