Although the FvH campaign has long engaged with clubs and individuals from across North, Central, and South America, it wasn't until 2017 that we officially announced a regional branch. Recognizing that this is an enormous region with numerous cultural, sporting, and linguistic contexts (and yes, we are working on Soccer v Homophobia merchandise!), we're taking an exploratory approach, largely relying on the expertise and experience of local clubs, activists, fans, and players.

Month of Action

February is the FvH Month of Action , when we take a focused approach to increasing the visibility of the campaign. In the past, we've enjoyed support and interest from groups and individuals across the Americas, and as we move forward we look forward to intensified work in these regions.

Get in Touch

There are ways to be involved with the FvH campaign all year-round. If you'd like to find out how to get involved in the Football v Homophobia campaign in the Americas, then get in touch with Keph Senett by emailing



Soccer is the most popular sport in Costa Rica, awakening many passions in fans and playing an important part in the local culture. In Costa Rica, women's football has been negatively stigmatized as a sport primarily practiced by gay athletes. The vast majority of players who belong to the LGBTI community have great reservations about being "out" publicly, and in many cases, it’s a taboo subject even within their families. It is not uncommon to learn that parents are hesitant about taking their daughters to play soccer, as it is considered to be a “man's” sport.

As a coach within women's soccer, I have seen evidence of this discriminatory attitude towards female players--for example, recently passersby shouted homophobic slurs while driving by a women’s first division soccer event. I understand that sexism and homophobia are intimately linked, and want to challenge these attitudes.

FvH Costa Rica seeks to unite local efforts by building on FvH initiatives through education and awareness with the intention of:

  1.  Making existing football structures safe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBTI people
  2. Creating opportunities and promoting engagement of LGBTI people in football at all levels and in all forms
  3. Improving the representation and visibility of LGBTI people throughout football
  4. Realizing the potential of football in society as a tool to create positive change

The FvH Costa Rica project will be led by me, Jose Conejo, with the support of the FvH - Americas team. I am a licensed soccer coach and sports psychologist and I've been working with the first division women's soccer team, Deportivo Saprissa, for several years. I have recently completed my MBA Sports Management at the Real Madrid University. which inspired me to boost the FvH project in Costa Rica. Women's football is at a very important transitional stage in this country, and I aspire to support its growth by supporting the above-mentioned initiatives.