Statement of support for Black Lives Matter

Football v Homophobia is an LGBTIQ+ campaign. We believe that football is a place where people should:

  • Belong
  • Be Valued
  • Be Respected
  • Be Supported to achieve their best

We have witnessed the negative impact of racism in all its forms on the game we love.

We have seen talented Black footballers struggle to access coaching positions at the end of their playing career, whilst white peers walk into high profile management roles, we have seen casual racism as well as racist abuse go unchallenged at all levels of the game, we have seen a lack of British Asian footballers progress to the highest levels of the game. We also see that Black people and people of colour from our own communities experience an intersection of racism and LGBTIQ+phobia and we know that often their voices are unheard in campaigns for change.

Every member of our team has either experienced, observed or challenged racism in football. This is why, we are committed to working in an intersectional way.

This means acknowledging and referencing racism in our education work, standing with other organisations in their fight against racism and, where we are able, to amplify the voices of BAME activists through our platforms.

We don’t always get this right, but we are open to challenge and learning.

In a world where we have seen a recent resurgence of hate crime and the election of political leaders who express casual racism and LGBTIQ+phobia, many of whom wish to roll back human rights achievements for communities throughout the world, we are grateful to Black Lives Matter for their challenge to systemic racism. We stand with them in calling for change both within society and within our beautiful game.

BLACK LIVES, voices, talent & passion MATTER in football every day.

As a campaign we commit to:

  • Challenge racism internally and externally
  • Ensure an anti-racist perspective threads throughout our work
  • Address racism alongside LGBTIQ+phobia in our education work
  • Ensure the voices of Black people and other people of colour are heard within the campaign