How you can take action

Here are some easy steps that can be taken by football supporters to help Football v Homophobia right now:

  • Ask your club’s Football Liaison Officer what the club is doing to support FvH. Let them know what you are doing and ask the club to support you. Contact your Liaison Officer.
  • Hold a supporters’ meeting to discuss LGBT inclusion and tackling homophobia in football (Football v Homophobia can provide a speaker)
  • If your club is taking action and has designated a game, you can support them on match day at the ground or on social media. For some inspiration, see this clip made by MCFC Supporters Club and played at the Etihad during half time at Manchester City’s FvH game in February 2017
  • Contact your local LGBT Football Club through GFSN, or LGBT community organisation through the LGBT Consortium and ask them to support your plans for FvH
  • Use social media to raise the issues with other supporters – follow us @FvHtweets on Twitter, football_v_homophobia on Instagram and like us on facebook
  • If you want to get your hands on FvH branded merchandise, check out our shop:
  • Always take action on homophobia and transphobia. If you feel confident to challenge comments or behaviour yourself, then standing up to homophobia can help make football welcoming to everyone. If you don’t feel confident or safe at a game or in any football environment, you can take action by making a report to Kick It Out. All the information you need can be found here
    Remember, doing nothing only lets discrimination and prejudice grow!