Football Authorities

On the 18th Feb 2012, the FA launched it’s Action Plan for including lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGB&T) people in football, 2012-2016: Opening Doors and Joining In’.

The plan sets out how the FA will work across 6 themes: education, visibility, partnerships, recognition, reporting and monitoring.  In the plan the FA signals it’s support for FvH and its intention to use FvH as a visible mechanism to roll out LGB&T inclusion.

How to make a start

There are loads of simple things that you can do to spread the message of FvH and get involved:

  • Follow us and promote us using social media
  • Sign up to our news bulletin
  • Send information about FvH to your teams, leagues and referees
  • Put a splash page on your website to mark February’s FvH focus
  • Get your staff kitted out in FvH gear
  • Hold events to mark FvH

Resources to support you

At a grassroots level FvH has three aims:

  1. to  help existing football structures  be friendly, safe and welcoming for everyone including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
  2. to create new opportunities for LGB&T people to engage in football and
  3. to improve the representation of LGB&T people throughout football.

To view available resources such as t-shirts, posters, flyers and case studies, visit our resources page and our shop.

To find your local LGB&T team see the GFSN list of gay football teams around the country.


Download resources including fliers, posters and sample articles to show your support of the campaign.