Small Grants

Over a number of years Football v Homophobia has been able to award small grants with the support of FARE.

These grants support grassroots organisations take action to tackle LGBTphobia and to promote LGBT inclusion in or through football.

In 2015 & 2016 we awarded 45 small grants in 22 countries. Some examples of activities funded by our small grants programme have included:

ADEFHO 7ADEFHO, Cameroon organised a panel discussion on “The exclusion of lesbian and bisexual women in African soccer teams, how to create a safe place for LGBT people in football” and organised a designated ‘Football v Homophobia’ match between two teams.


DIDESEX A.C. (Tecámac), Mexico

Civil rights association DIDESEX A.C. ran a nation-wide campaign with LGBT football teams from five different Mexico states, including México City, Colima, Guerrero, Estado de México and Tamaulipas, to raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination around the LGBT community and at the same time give visibility to grassroots football.

Arc en Ciel 2Arc en Ciel, France

Arc en Ciel held a Football v Homophobia grassroots tournament in which 100 people took part. Six women’s teams and eight men’s teams were represented. A team of trans players played in the men’s tournament. The event was highly successful and served to raise the awareness of many of those taking part.

Future Grants

Links to information about future small grants will be available here and in our news feed.