Key members of the team

A number of people play a key part in making FvH happen.

Louise EnglefieldLouise Englefield

Louise  has worked for over 20 years in and around the voluntary and community sectors, holding positions such as Strategic Director of the Gay Healthy Alliance Project, member of the Football Association Tackling Homophobia Advisory Group and, until recently, was Co-President of the European Gay & Lesbian Sports Federation, where she now volunteers as Campaigns Manager. In the sporting world, Louise is a Level 2 Football coach and was the co-founder of Manchester’s LGBT Basketball Club. Email:


Scott Lawley

Scott Lawley

Scott Lawley is Chair of Nottingham Ball Bois FC, a gay community football club in the UK. For six years he has played for and been involved in the running of the club, and has also been involved in LGBT sports development, campaigning and awareness events at a local and national level in the UK. Scott also works as a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.  Academic interests in organisational culture, group dynamics, gender and workplace LGBT issues crossover with his practical experience in LGBT sports. His current research focuses on homophobia in sport and the role of LGBT sports groups in social inclusion and sports development.


Jen WattsCommunications: Jen Watts

Jen Watts is a freelance designer and communications consultant with a wealth of experience in the LGBT sports sector. She manages this website and is responsible for the Football v Homophobia social media. Jen plays for Manchester’s only LBT basketball Club and is a huge sports fan. Email:


Keph SenettKeph Senett

Keph is a Canadian writer whose passions for travel and soccer have led her to play the beautiful game on four continents. She began her soccer activism at the local level, serving in a communications capacity for a local LGBT-friendly league. She attended her first international tournament in 2007, and has spent the intervening years traveling from pitch to pitch and writing about it. In 2010, Keph joined the Football v Homophobia initiative as the campaign’s North American liaison, and two years later she began volunteering with the communications team for the Federation of Gay Games. She’s published stories on the human rights and community development aspects of football in various venues including international football blog In Bed With Maradona, Canadian national gay and lesbian newspaper Xtra, and on human rights blog The New Civil Rights Movement, where she is a regular columnist contributing sports news and commentary. Keph spends her free time trying to figure out how to qualify for a soccer squad in Asia, Australia or Antarctica.

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